Radio for the internet, by the internet.....

comedy, music, and flute sneezes



In 2009 we hesitantly began our live radio show on station WQNA 88.3 FM “The Edge” in Springfield, Illinois USA. Back then, we were a mixture of music and talking in those days. There were even characters like Leggy the Alleged Show Dog (our mascot) and The Hillbilly Entrepreneur, for better or worse, and we attempted week-to-week to DJ and to perform for an act two hours long on Wednesday afternoons, with moderate success. In 2015 we shifted on WQNA over to Saturday mornings in an hour-long format, for some reason. Nowadays we are on the internet on SHOUTcast, and we usually make fun of things–like Star Wars and drugs–and we break occasionally for such music as our own. We are always here for you, so stop and say hi. You never know what we, Cannibal Aaron and Humanoid Tim, will be doing.